автор: Сычева Марина Васильевна

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Кино и его роль в современном мире



Кино и его жанры


Тема «Жанры кино» позволяет использовать на занятии богатый информационный и наглядный материал, развивать заинтересованность студентов в изучении иностранного языка, умение интегрировать полученные знания и использовать их в жизненных ситуациях.

У студентов развиваются и совершенствуются навыки культуры общения в условиях работы в микро-группах, навыки самостоятельной работы с дополнительной литературой.

Форма проведения занятия – коммуникативная мастерская. Подобное занятие с большим количеством форм и методов обучения требует индивидуально – личностного подхода к разработке средств диагностики знаний и системы оценивания.

Считаю уместной систему оценивания знаний по видам речевой деятельности: чтение, говорение, аудирование, письмо, с помощью коммуникативно – ориентированных технологий.


                                                                 Составила: Сычева М.В. 



Cartoons, comedy, drama, romcom, horror film, science fiction, musical, action 

  1. Match the category and the comments:

– It makes me laugh

– I think actors played and danced well

– It tells an emotional story of the conflict

– It is about the future and the special effects are out of this world!

– It is very exciting, with a lot of fights and street racing!

– It has some really funny moments and at the end Sara and Hitch fell in love!

– To be honest, the Ice Period 3 is awesome, especially the squirrels!

– The film was really scary, when she understood that her boyfriend was a vampire! (“Twilight”)

  1. Read the collocations:

Impressive special effects, brilliant performance of actors, real characters, interesting scenery (, exciting music, live story, witty comedy, I could not help crying/laughing, a famous director, a star

Complete the following sentences, using these structures:

  1. This film won the 1st International Prize; no wonder – …
  2. This film is having a successful run because …
  3. The young actress is very popular with the public…
  4. I’m looking forward seeing this film, they say …
  5. Let’s buy tickets for …, because …
  6. I can’t understand why this film is so popular. I my opinion …

III. Practise your language guess; read and translate:

  1. To be on – This film is on in “Mir” cinema
  2. To be in the cast – Johnny Depp was in the cast of “The Pirates of the Caribbean”, the film is awesome!

Ask questions, so that the sentences below are the answers:

  1. The film is on in Iskra cinema.
  2. Many film stars, such as Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were in the cast.
  3. I like romcoms best of all.
  4. The public took this film to the heart because the problems it touches are interesting to everybody.
  5. Read the questions and think about your answers. In pairs, interview each other; when answering, use the following set-expressions and conjunctions:

– To be honest, – let me see, – It’s a big question, – My first point is that …, – My second point is that …

– so, as, moreover, besides, although, what is more

  1. I. Can you think of a film, which…?

– made you laugh a lot

– made you cry

– you have seen several times

– made you buy the soundtrack

  1. Do you prefer…?

– seeing films on TV, on DVD or in the cinema

– films from your country or American films

  1. Think of a really good film you have seen this year:

– Where was it set? When? (place and historical period)

– Who was in the cast? Did it have a good plot (сюжет)?

– What was the soundtrack like?

  1. Have you ever …?

– met a film actor?/appeared in any kind of the film?

– used a video camera?

  1. Invite your friend out to the cinema, say where it is on, discuss the cast and the plot, say if you like this type of films and arrange the time.
  2. Describe a film, which has made a strong impression on you. You will talk about the topic 2 minutes. You have 1 minute to think it over and make some notes –  a comedy,  in May, in the USA, nowadays, Meryl Strip, Jack Nicolson, brilliant performance, romantic soundtrack, love story

You should say:

– What type of a film it was,  

– When you saw it

– What the film was about (where and when it was set, who was in the cast or starred)

– explain why it impressed you so much

Prepare 3 questions about the cinema to ask your partner after her/his speech:

e.g. – What interests you most in a movie – the characters, the music or the story?

       –  Are American comedies funny for you?

VII Guess a film, describe it in brief


Кино и его роль в современном мире